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Tow Truck Services

Tow trucks are a kind of vehicle that belongs to a different category of tow trucks – the personal transportation vehicles. A tow truck is usually a flatbed truck used to transport different kinds of automobiles, trailers and other vehicles that cannot fit in a locked car port or other secured area. Sometimes, these cars may need to be transported to another location for the reason that their original owners do not have the capacity of driving them to a new location. In such cases, tow trucks are used to transport these automobiles.

Towing services are provided by various companies that have gained an industry name of providing the towing services. Some of these companies include towing services, towing companies, towing providers and towing agents. To make a better choice in selecting a company, people can refer to consumer reports that contain information about various companies and their performance in providing the best towing services in the market. There are various factors that should be considered when choosing a towing company such as the type of vehicle to be towed; towing experience; the trailer’s load weight; trailer’s length; and, most importantly, the level of service provided by the company.

A tow truck has the capacity to tow larger vehicles such as auto trailers and freight vehicles. It can also tow smaller vehicles like recreational vehicles, sports utility vehicles, motorcycles, wheelchairs, and so on. A tow truck has the capacity to perform recovery of different types of vehicle that requires special techniques. Recovery of a motor vehicle requires different techniques including swiveling, hooking and lifting.

Towing trucks also come with winches to raise or lower vehicles. Different types of winches are available to raise and lower different types of vehicles, some of which are designed especially for towing. It is also possible to connect a tow truck winch to a hydraulic elevator that raises and lowers vehicles using hydraulic power. This type of lift has the potential to increase the capacity of the winch and to increase safety.

In addition to the aforementioned vehicles, there are other types of towable goods that need the services of tow trucks. Some of these are farm vehicles, motorcycles, construction equipment, and furniture. The most common vehicle towing function is towing short distances, particularly of one hour or less. Other uses include towing home and office building loads, towing of farm machinery, and towing of furniture. Of the aforementioned vehicles, all require professional towing services, and in most cases, the provider must have specialized knowledge on such vehicles.

The different techniques used to towing vehicles include the use of a hook, a tilt pole, and the use of a winch. Sometimes, the use of a winch may be compulsory while using a hook. Professional tow truck providers must also have access to the correct tools to properly and effectively tow the trailer using the appropriate tools.

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